Wants vs. Needs

By Jenny Jiménez on January 21, 2019

Happy MLKJ Monday!  If you were off work today then all I have to say is… I’m jealous. ha!  Last week was definitely a crazy week.  I had so much going on at work at had to finish some painting in my son’s room and building his new bed so after two days of body aches (I’m so out of shape, lol) I had little time to sit down and write my blog.  I wanted this one so be a good one so here goes.  

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Okay now let’s get to it.  With the new year in full gear and Christmas behind us and tax season on it’s way, this felt like the perfect time to touch on Wants vs. Needs.  For so many people, Christmas was about wants.  I know so many people that focus on the amount of gifts under the tree as opposed to the real need of those gifts under the tree.  Quite frankly, were they necessary?  As people file for taxes soon and are probably still getting over the debt of Christmas keep the following in mind.

Things to consider when making a purchase:

1. IS IT NECESSARY?  Do you really need this purchase or are you just tempted because of how it’s being displayed at the store or online?  Does someone you know have it and perhaps you are just trying to keep up with the Joneses?  Trying to keep up appearances is tough and stressful.  This certainly is not a good reason to buy something.  Stay strong and keep moving.  If you don’t need it then let it stay at the store.

2. CAN IT WAIT?  As time goes by, even a week or so, will you still feel you need this item.  Is it worth you making the purchase now?  If you can wait a few days minimum for this item and will still want it then maybe, just maybe it’s okay to consider purchasing.  Usually a little time will help us to be in a stable, better state of mind.  More rational and realistic about what it is that we want to buy.

3. HOW WILL IT IMPROVE YOUR LIFE?  It’s very rare for purchased items to impact our lives.  Unless of course it is a need, like a microwave or refrigerator (assuming your current one is broken).  If you could only see my raised eyebrow. LOL  These types of purchases generally require a bit of planning because they are usually pretty pricey.  Please don’t go out and buy a large ticket item without doing your homework first, that is a HUGE NO NO!

4. CAN YOU AFFORD IT?  It’s not worth going into debt, let alone for something you do not need.  Often when we make impulsive buys it’s not something we really needed.  It is most likely a wasteful purchase.  This will be the item that stays in the box.  That ‘thing’ that five years later you come across while cleaning your basement or garage and say  Wow I completely forgot I even had this.  If you’re not going to use it right away, then chances are you do not need it.  Keep your money in the bank!

5. WILL YOU REGRET THE PURCHASE OVER TIME?  I’m guilty of this one here.  I cannot tell you how many times, especially clothes or handbags, I’ve purchased over the years only to end up giving them away or donating because I had no real use for it.  I’m pretty good now and rarely make impulse buys.  My wallet is glued to me. At this stage in life you’d need the jaws of life to pry it away.  Avoid the guilt and just don’t buy.  We work so hard for our money to just throw it away on these pointless items.


Remember make smarter purchases –  your future self will thank you for it.


I really hope you will consider these five things when making purchases this year.    Financial Wellness is something that everyone needs and once they learn how to handle their money, many of the stresses (at least related to money) will stop being a concern.

Lets make 2019 the year you get your accounts in order!

If you receive an income tax refund this year, remember to be mindful of your spending.  Don’t blow it off right away.  We’re just in the beginning of the year and when you’re broke, the year can feel a lot longer than 365 days.  Take it from someone who knows what that has felt like before.


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Hold on to that money!  See you next week 🙂



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By Jenny Jiménez on October 22, 2018

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a good weekend.  I know how fast it can go when you’re busy.  Crazy how quickly it got cold right?  I remember complaining about the heat and 24 hours later complaining how cold it was and upset that I had to turn my heat on, LOL… never satisfied I guess.

I wanted to take some time to discuss how I plan.  If you are anything like me then you are always pressed for time.  Seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day and I have found that if I do not plan right then I don’t feel very productive.  It just doesn’t feel like I got anything done.  Do you ever feel like that?

I’m sure you’ve seen posts before on planning but usually those people have two parent households or have help from family members or friends.  I’m giving you my perspective on planning.  It may not work for everyone but remember as a single mom to two kids, I did it all alone.  It was rare that I got help from anyone but after some time I did find a rhythm of doing things that worked for me and so will you.  We’re moms right, hey it’s what we do – we figure things out!

So back to planning, I use a total of three planners and calendars to plan on a regular basis.  I have a planner for my everyday things that I keep with me always (except when I’m out and about on weekends), a large calendar for the family that I keep in my kitchen and another planner that I use for house hold items like bills and such, and that one I keep at home with my office things. 

All Calendars

For my daily planner, I am usually carrying an A5 or a personal size planner.  This past year I used the personal size but with the year ending and I just know I have a ton of projects and things to work on next year so I just ordered my 2019 refills in the A5 size.  I absolutely love the Filofax planner.  It has a band to keep close and for years I had ones with buttons but after using this one with the band, I find that it saves space and it serves as a little holder for me to keep my To Do Lists or anything that I need to mail out – like my water bill 🙂 .


Planner zoomed

Family Calendar

For our family calendar we like to keep events we do together, doctor’s appointments, etc.  This calendar is also used by the kids to write down their work schedule for the week and any sports practices and games.  They also jot down when something is due like clothing money or fundraising due dates.  I get them involved in this one so there’s accountability and in hopes that one day they’ll be more organized.  One can hope, right!  I purchased this calendar at target last year and I’m definitely on the look out for the 2019 to come out, however as you can see by the smudge above, you want to write on it with a permanent marker.  Since the paper is a smooth shiny cardstock, things rub off.  We have tons of colored sharpies so it’s not a big deal, plus I like to write in colors that are used in the flowers that month.  LOL… I know cheesy 🙂 .


Make every minute count.  I’m not saying you have to plan out your entire life but do your best to track and jot down what your day and week will look like.  This will help you stay on top of things especially when the unexpected pops up, like a sick kid.  

Don’t be afraid to move things around.  While it’s good to plan, you cannot plan everything.  As hard as you may try, something will always come up that you did not plan for.  Don’t be discouraged and let this unexpected event throw you off track.  Just move things around.  

Multi-task when appropriate.  Make the most of your time.  While cooking or cleaning up your kitchen and home go ahead and make some phone calls.  Reach out to your friend or relative and just use your earbuds while you are tackling your other errands.  I do this all the time BUT do not recommend this when spending quality time with someone.  In that case, that person should have your undivided attention so they feel valued.   

Stick to your schedule.  As tired as you may be, having and sticking to your schedule is the best way to ensure that you are accomplishing what you need so you make time for more important things.  Did you catch that?  Yes, I said make time.  The time won’t just happened.  You have to make it.   

Ask for help.  It’s okay to ask for help when you need it but remember as the head of your home, you need to find a way to make things work.  Ask for help when necessary but I’m a big believer or planning for the What Ifs.  Don’t just assume that everyone you ask for help will be able to.  Just stay calm and always have a Plan B.  

Avoid over-committing.  Parenting alone can sometimes feel, well lonely. Yup I said it (but you were thinking it 🙂 ).  No one says you have to be alone all the time but watch out for over committing yourself.  This will quickly lead to burn out.  We want to do it all and help where and when we can but we can’t always do that.  Be selective about how you choose to spend your time.  

Write everything down.  You have enough to remember.  The stress of everyday life will take hold of you if you don’t write it down.  Get into a daily habit of writing it down.  A daily brain dump.  You’ll be surprised how great it feels to empty your brain down on paper.  Besides, that’s one less thing on your mind.      

Be realistic.  When jotting down your To Do List be realistic about it.  Do not try to tackle a list of 20 items in one day.  That’s too much for anyone to do.

Don’t feel defeated.  It’s okay if you didn’t get to every item on your To Do List.  While you may be Super Mom, you are still human.  Give yourself a break and don’t beat yourself up over it.  Try and tackle it tomorrow.

Prioritize and Set Goals.  This one is very important.  Since you are parenting alone, you want to take some time regularly, whether it’s weekly or monthly and think about what’s important to you.  Get these things on your schedule.  Make time for them and set deadlines to keep you on track.  While doing this remember to keep positive!  And finally…

Make time for YOU.  Do not forget to make time for yourself.  This could be time to pray, meditate, exercise, self care or anything you like but you NEED TO make time for you.  Often as single mothers we put everyone else’s needs above our own and that’s okay to an extent but we have to make ourselves a priority also.  When we make time for self love, we are building the necessary foundation so we can be the proper leaders that our children need us to be.

If you have any specific questions or some topics you would like to see on the blog, feel free to leave me a comment.

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Now get planning!


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