2019 – New Year, Realistic Goals

By Jenny Jiménez on January 7, 2019

Happy New Year Ladies!  I’m excited for the new year and hope you are too.  I took two weeks off blogging to spend time with my children.  As a single mom who works full-time I spend 60 hours a week devoted to work.  That includes my long commutes each day. Family has always been a priority for me and part of setting goals is knowing how to prioritize properly.  Before I get started, don’t you think this is the cutest family picture?  I do, but I guess you could say I’m bias. LOL 😉 #ProudMama

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Each new year brings goal setting and resolutions to most people.  While setting goals is excellent, it should not be reserved until one time each year.  People who are successful in life set goals frequently throughout the year and stick to them.  They don’t need a specific date to do this.  To help you stay on track, not just in January but throughout all of 2019, I’ve put together the list to get you started.  


1. DON’T WAIT TO START A GOAL.  Today is as good as any other day to get started.  Why wait.  Motivated people don’t wait for a specific date.  Don’t say I’ll start tomorrow, or next Monday, or even next month.  Instead, take that leap and start today.

“Don’t wait.  The time will never be just right.”  – Napolean Hill

2. BE REALISTIC WITH YOUR GOALS.  Is it actually something you can achieve or have you set yourself up for failure before you even get started?  Consider that when thinking about your goals.  Don’t try and set goals that are not possible for you to complete without some sort of divine intervention.  Remember, the ultimate goal here is success.

3. SET DEADLINES.  Hold yourself accountable by assigning dates.  Deadlines help keep us focused.  You are less likely to keep avoiding something if you know the dateline is approaching quickly. Again be realistic when setting a deadline.  Don’t create this large goal and think you are going to accomplish it in a few weeks, or even a month.  

4. START SMALL THEN WORK YOUR WAY UP.  Don’t say to yourself, ‘I’m going to lose 50 pounds in a month’.  That is unrealistic for anyone.  Start small.  Like a car, you don’t just start at 100 mph, no the car needs to work it’s way up.  You should start by saying, I’m want to lose 5 pounds in this amount of weeks.  Then depending on how that works out you can make adjustments and say, okay that went well so I would like to lose 7 pounds in this many weeks or months.  

5. REVIEW AND MAKE ADJUSTMENTS.  Good goals (like budget)setting requires you to review your goals and make adjustments as necessary.  We all know that things pop up and cause interruptions but do not let this discourage you.  Simply make some changes and stay focused on your goals.  Great things require work.  You’ll have to put work to accomplish your goals however following these tips, I’m sure you’ll come out successful on the other end. 


This what I use for my monthly goal setting.

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To help keep you on track, I’ve put together these FREE PRINTOUT to get you started.  Do one month at a time, then at the end of the month, as you review and adjust, write out your goals for the following month.


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Happy Goal Setting!  See you next week 🙂



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By Jenny Jiménez on November 5, 2018

Happy Fall! While I don’t particularly enjoy all the rain we’re getting I absolutely love the beautiful colored trees during this time of year. The fresh air and finally being able to go out without melting.

I figured this is the perfect time to clear out the clutter. Most people associate cleaning with springtime however this is the perfect time to clear out… AND I don’t just mean your home. Your calendar may need some ‘cleansing‘ also. I encourage you to pull out those calendars and agendas and take a closer look at your commitments.

Don’t let clutter rob you of peace and joy. Clear your mind. Start the purge!” – Jennifer Jiménez

This can be a bit overwhelming to tackle so consider the following questions when deciding what to eliminate…

Is this a priority? Was this event on your goals list? Was it important enough to make it on your schedule?

Am I getting some type of fulfillment? People do things for different reasons. We each have organizations and things that are important to us and we feel add value to our lives. Be sure to consider that when deciding whether or not to take on a new project or dedicate your time.

Do I have the time to commit? Don’t just say Yes to every opportunity that presents itself. While we generally get bliss from doing things for and with others, no one will benefit if we are not at our best. Remember your time is one of the most valuable things YOU own.

Am I doing something positive or even charitable? Volunteer work and charity work can help so many others. Make time for helping others but also know when it’s time to say NO.

Did I leave time for other important dates and/or holidays to spend with loved ones? Often people forget to leave time for those closest to them such as kids and loved ones. Don’t risk missing that birthday or special ladies night out.

Can this be rescheduled? Don’t occupy each time slot on your calendar to the point of feeling anxiety and overwhelmed. Some things can be moved to another day. Don’t be afraid to ask to reschedule. They will understand.



“Stop waiting for the ‘perfect’ time to get organized. Take this moment and make some progress.” – Heidi Leonerd


Now that all the heavy lifting is complete you’ll have time for…

Family and Friends Make the most of your time with them. Most of us work or are busy throughout most of the day. Make time, don’t wait for it to happen because it never will. Remember that it’s those little special moments we remember most in life.

Holiday Events Most of us love this time of year. Although it is a very busy time of year, it is also the time of year when most of us get to spend time with those people we hardly see. Whether it’s relatives or long time friends, enjoy the time you spend in fellowship and catch up.

Relaxing and Enjoying home time If you are anything like me, you can be a bit of a hermit during the winter months. This is okay. Keep those pajamas on and binge watch some of those shows you’ve been meaning to catch up on for some time. Treat yourself to some relaxation. You deserve it.

Regrouping before Spring Use this time to take a deep breath and if the cold weather has you trapped at home then take advantage because it may be the only downtime you’ve had in a while or will have for some time. Learn to recognize and grab that opportunity when it presents itself. AND finally…

Goal Setting I know, you probably thought it was all about laziness and relaxation but NOPE! You still need to make time to look ahead to 2019 and jot down a few goals. Whether it’s paying off that credit card (like me) or finishing that linen closet (me again 😦 ) you need to take a few moments to think about what it is that you would like to accomplish in the upcoming months or year. Don’t be afraid to think about this. You don’t need to have an entire list. Perhaps it’s just one goal at a time, but the point is that you are thinking about it and writing it down. Yes, you need to write it down and give yourself a deadline. Studies show that those who write it down are close to 80% more likely to accomplish it.

…I’m not here to judge, just help 🙂 Now enjoy your free time. You’ve earned it!

“Clear clutter. Make space for YOU.” – Magdelena Vendenberg


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Now go de-clutter!


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