This and That

By Jenny Jiménez on June 21, 2019

It’s been a while so I wanted to pop on and give an update of some things going on in my life recently.  I’ve had quite a few major changes occur lately in both my personal and professional life and I’m still struggling to find a comfortable balance with it all.  #TheStruggleIsReal 😉

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I completed most of my kitchen renovation two months ago but still have some minor details to complete, along with replacing my kitchen window (still trying to decide on which style), two doors (the door leading to the garage and another to the basement) and finally installing my new back splash.  

Along with finishing the kitchen I wanted to install ship lap on one wall in my dining room which is really more like a breakfast nook and on the kitchen peninsula to tie it all together.  I’m repainting my hallway and living room also to keep with the new look.  I know, I know , you’re probably thinking the same thing I am right…WOW that’s a lot of projects.  Well as if I didn’t have enough on my plate, they let go two people at work in late April so my schedule is changing every other week to maintain the workload.  Then to top it off the transmission on my Jeep is going so I’ve been using our other car.  Had to get some repairs done on that first to make it driveable.  I’ll go into those details when I do my Teen Driving post in a few weeks.  

Most days when I get home it’s late and I’m so tired so house projects are the last thing on my mind.  Then the last several weekends it’s been raining and I don’t like to paint when it’s raining out because of the humidity and time it takes for the paint to dry.  On the other hand, I’m very please with the few (very few) projects that are complete.  When I’m done our home will look completely different.  I have many major ideas for the outside but I’ll keep that to myself for now and focus on the smaller ones. lol

On a more happy note, I was so happy to see my climbing vines blooming.  That’s the picture above AND finally my Canna lilies are starting to grow.  Those are so beautiful but I’ll have to relocate them to the side of the house by my bedroom window so they can get more sun and multiply.  The thing about these beauties is that they (along with many other bright red flowers) attract hummingbirds…my favorite.  I could look out the window and watch them all day… well not all day but you get what I mean.  They are just lovely. 


I purchased some climbing clematis in a deep purple and burgundy color along with pale pink and white with hints of pin peonies.  I have hydrangeas outside also.  Basically I have gorgeous plants everywhere but not all in the best spots so I’ll have a lot of gardening to do in the upcoming weeks.  If it’s not raining this weekend (after weeks of raining weekends) perhaps I can do it then.  I’d love to get it out of the way and allow them time to flourish so I can enjoy their beauty the rest of the summer.  I absolutely love color.  




I’m also trying to put together a schedule for my blog post and be a bit more consistent like I was initially.  It’s been difficult to do lately with so much going on and I’m sure that as things calm down I may need to adjust my schedule for posting again.  For now I’ll go with the flow and do what feels right.  

I’d love to take you guys along as I continue to make changes in life and work on my ‘Passion Projects’.  If you would like to recommend a specific topic for a future post or just have comments, feel free to reach out to me.  I value feedback and it helps me narrow down topics that you guys want to see like parenting, finances and home life – so give me a shout out!


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Have an awesome weekend!



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