Creating Order From Chaos!

By Jenny Jiménez on April 11, 2019

Why hello there!  I cannot believe that it has been two months since my last post.  So sorry for that.  When I say that life has been busy and overwhelming I’m not exaggerating.  Today’s post will be short but I wanted to touch-base with you all.  I started a kitchen renovation back in 2016 and three weeks after the demolition of my old kitchen I lost my job and have been without a kitchen since.

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The entire process has been draining, stressful, expensive and yet still very creatively satisfying (recently anyway) now that I’m seeing my vision take form.  I will definitely be posting the entire kitchen renovation in the upcoming weeks but will most likely split it into several post and I’ll put something together to help anyone considering a renovation so you can hopefully avoid some of the mistakes and unnecessary expenses that I encountered.

I’m down to the final stages and it’s usually pretty easy for me to make design choices for family and friends but tend to go back and forth on my projects because I want to make sure I won’t get bored or worse regret it in the future.  

Life has just been so crazy with my work schedule and hours (I work a full time job and usually have an almost one hour commute to and from work each day) as well as with my children.  My daughter is a senior this year and unlike when I was in high school back in the 90’s, there is so much to do and pay for (crying emoji here, lol) and of course I was not on some of the school’s mailing list and what my daughter had she usually gave me last minute so here I was scheduling senior pictures and rearranging my schedule just so we can get them in to the yearbook committee in time. (Sorry for the extremely long run on sentence, lol) #ProcrastinatingTeens 

The nice thing is that all this craziness I’ve been going through has given me a ton of material for the blog.  We have to find little blessings in everything right, even Chaos!

Okay, I off to a David Jeremiah event this afternoon so I’ll leave it there but I’ll post some pictures on Instagram. #OvercomerTour



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