By Jenny Jiménez on November 19, 2018

Good Afternoon!  Sorry for the late post but it’s been CRAZY the last couple of days… you know what I mean. 😉 Just a few more days to go before most of us are reunited with family we haven’t seen in a while and prepared to gain those pounds back we’ve lost after fasting for the last few day in preparation for overeating, LOL.  Today’s post is short but sweet.



This is the perfect time of year for reflection.  To reflect on the year that’s nearing an end and to focus on our blessings.  It’s very easy to complain about what we don’t have but let’s not focus on that.  Instead let’s focus on what we do have.  You are a mom so you are already blessed.  I encourage you to recall all the little things in life that you may have overlooked at the time but thinking back now you see how you benefited from it.  Remember it’s the small things that sometimes matter more than the larger ones.  Take a moment this week to write them down.  Somehow I feel like that makes it more real. 


If it’s people in your life that you are thankful for, perhaps writing them a quick note to let them know how you feel and how special they are.  People love know that they play an important role in people’s lives and too often we don’t share those feelings enough.  It doesn’t have to be long but I guarantee you, such a small act on your part will be greatly appreciated on their end.  Like I said before, the small things matter.  I love keeping a box of note cards in my nightstand and take a few minutes from time to time to let those dear people in my life know how I feel.  Sometimes we don’t get the opportunity to do this throughout the year but what better time to do it than Thanksgiving time OR during the holidays.  

TY Notes

While Christmas cards are great, there’s nothing like receiving a personalized card.  Something unexpected that would probably be the highlight of your day.  Cards like these are what I like to send.  Not too big but just enough space for me to jot down some thoughts and feelings.  The ones above are from Target.  So cute, right?


JimTor Trio

Personally I’m extremely thankful for God and my beautiful children.  I can’t believe how old they are and how big they’ve gotten.  I am so close to my kids.  Being a single parents we’ve spent so much time together.  A lot of bonding moments we’ve had.  I can’t imagine life without them.  The picture above is from a year or two ago.  Time goes by so fast, I’m losing track of it!

EJ Young

This is a picture of my two from 2015.  They were so little, it almost brings tears to my eyes.  Aren’t those braces so cute?  I’m bias I know but they are adorable.  Amazing how when kids are young, you want them to be older so you can do things and then when they’re older, you want them young again.  Never happy, ha!  As a parent to soon to be adults, I’ll take this moment to remind you to just enjoy the stage you’re in right now because before you know it, it’ll be gone.  Look at how fast my son grew from one year to the next.

EJ Now party

Elisa is my oldest and Jonah my youngest.  She’s 17 and he’s 15.  This is them at my mother’s 60th birthday party this past January.  I still can’t believe how big they’ve gotten.  Wow.  And below is them this summer.  

EJ Now summer

Now look at the picture of these two when they were little then look at this one and how much taller he is than his older sister.  He loves to taunts us about how short we are. lol  And did you catch the mustache??? Say what!


Now Remember all the things you are grateful for.  In fact, it’s a good idea to have a large jar during Thanksgiving dinner and a few blank note cards by it.  Ask each member at your home to right one thing they are grateful for and put it in the grateful jar.  Then during or after dinner you can each pass the jar around and pick out a note card and ready it then everyone can try to guess who wrote it.  I love doing this because it keeps things fun and everyone engaged.  By the end of the night you’ll see how different everyone’s blessings are or how similar and maybe this will help you when writing out those thank you cards… hint, hint. #Grateful


As for me, I’m grateful for our health and home and finally that I can see an end to my kitchen renovation.  This renovation has been a bit of a nightmare, more so because of bad timing but it should be complete in a few weeks, hopefully in January (fingers crossed).  I work a full time job and often put in extra hours, plus the commute and needless to say I’ve run out of time. or so it feels sometimes. 

As a single mom, it’s hard to devote all that time and money to a project so it has taken a lot longer than it would most people.  Also I am very ‘particular’ about everything in my home so I have to take time to see how I’d feel about it in the future.  Is it timeless or will I get bored, months later.  I’ll do a post once complete on my before and after.  And don’t worry, I’ll be sure to include lots of pictures.  



Before we go and feed ourselves into a food coma, I wanted to say how grateful and thankful I am to be able to share my experiences with you.  I hope that you’ve enjoyed my posts enough to share with other beautiful ladies in your life.  #Blessed  #Thankful


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Be Thankful!



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